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Well, I’ve heard recently that Speaky was recommended to somebody with the words from this article’s title. Some of you may know this already. Some of you, perhaps, profit from language exchange on a daily basis. But if anyone was asking him- or herself “Hmm… but why is this Speaky such an awesome way to learn a language?”, here’s the answer!

A Social Network for Learning Languages

and Meeting People Around the World

Our idea is to connect people from all over the world and enable them to practise a language through real conversations with native speakers.

This is a crucial element when learning languages, but unfortunately it’s missing in most language courses, not to mention schools. At Speaky, we want to fill this gap, because we’re aware of the importance of language exchange. Although a learner of a language needs only a little bit of effort to find authentic resources, like films, radio and online news, to practise reading or listening, the opportunities to speak or write in real situations are very limited.

This is especially true for languages that are less popular in certain areas, as is the case of Mandarin learners who live in Europe. In such situation, an app that helps you find some native speakers, and have conversations with them on a daily basis is an extremely useful solution.

Ok, but what for?

Briefly, here are just some of the reasons:

  1. By talking with real users of a language we stay in contact with informal language, idioms and expressions in real use, which is far more efficient than just reading about them in a book.
  2. What is more, practising a language in use develops active communication skills in that language and strengthens self-confidence when using it, which is a must in order to become fluent!
  3. And last but not least, we often get feedback from our users that, thanks to Speaky, they made friends in various countries – and nothing boosts learning a foreign language more than speaking it with a friend!

Of course these things are true for no matter what the language, but why did I give the example of Mandarin learners? Just because they have lately called us one of the…

 …”Awesome Ways To learn Chinese”!

Recently we’ve learnt about the extraordinary appreciation that Europeans who learn Mandarin Chinese have for Speaky. The app has been chosen by Tutorful, UK, one of the top resources for Chinese learners!

At the beginning of 2018, some of those people who’d got connected thanks to Speaky, recommended it to Tutorful – no. 1 tutoring platform in the UK. That’s how Speaky has been chosen to feature in their editorial on the top resources for Chinese learners! You can see the editorial by clicking here.

Great thanks to Tutorful for their recognition, and, as always, to our dedicated users! All the best for you, and good luck with your language-learning adventure!

A dark blue circle with a laurel and a ribbon, and with the text: "Tutorful BEST MANDARIN RESOURCE".

Over to you

Anyway, no matter if it’s about Mandarin, or any other language of the planet, share your experience in the discussion. Tell us why you love Speaky, and how it helps you in your language-learning adventure!


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