From Belgium to Vancouver: A Language-Learning Journey with Speaky

Language Exchange

I was so lucky to discover Speaky about two months ago, and I very quickly fell in love with it!

I wish I had known this language exchange platform existed before. It would have proved particularly useful during high school… Back then I wasn’t really into language learning.

I started using Speaky when I arrived in Vancouver, where I am now staying for a few months. Once immersed in this English-speaking environment, I suddenly felt an irresistible urge to become truly proficient in Shakespeare’s language. For the first time in my life, I felt the desire to study English by myself.

Ever since, my writing skills improved significantly.

Thanks to Speaky, I am able to learn and practice languages daily. No more studying, no more boring grammar exercises. Speaky makes it possible to practice on a regular basis as you meet new people who are most willing to help you in their native language.

Language exchange is a way to improve your skills not only in the foreign language, but also in your own language. In my case, correcting and explaining grammar points made me realize how subtle the French language (which is my mother tongue) is. In this respect, the experience benefits learners both ways.

Speaky is a very useful tool that can help you along your language-learning journey.

Meet amazing people who take some of their time to get in touch just to help you improve. A user from London once sent me a message to offer his help if I had questions about English. I ended up receiving a 1-hour particular lesson where he explained grammar in his own words, providing examples and correcting my mistakes. When you think of how much money private lessons can cost… You do the math.

After one week on Speaky, I couldn’t help but tell all my friends to come and join the community. My advice to you is to do the same. It’s free, accessible for anyone, and so useful!”

Language Exchange

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