How to Find the Perfect Language Partner on Speaky [Tips and Recommendations]

Here’s a little help to get you started with language exchange on Speaky. In this post, we’re going to show you how Speaky works and give you different strategies for you to find the best matches.

However, before you consider looking for your ideal language partner, we highly recommend you follow The Ultimate Guide to an Incredibly Awesome Profile on Speaky. It is very important if you want to put all chances on your side! 🙂


What are filters for?

Once you’re on the community tab, you can filter potential language partners according to

the language(s) you want to practice (you can also filter by the languages you indicated in your profile settings).



You’ll just have to tap on the icon on the bottom right-hand corner. Speaky will then filter the whole community of users and display in the Natives Tab the people who speak your learning language as their mother tongue, and who are learning your native language.


Who should I contact first?

On Speaky, the people who are online (with a green dot beside their profile) appear first. The flag on their profile pictures indicate their native language, while the other flag with the bars indicates their level in your mother tongue.




The Community tab also offers a glimpse of your potential language partners’ description. You can click on the one you like most to get some more info like

– all the languages they’re learning and their respective levels
– what they like to talk about (common interests appear in blue)
– gender and age
– location
– nationality
– the date they started using Speaky

If you’re looking for more experienced user on the platform who could guide you in your language-learning journey better, check their Speaky level on their profile. The higher, the better!

The Speaky level increases as you gain experience. This happens when you correct messages, accept new conversations, spend consecutive days on Speaky, and send messages.



What should I do if too many people contact me?

When you adjust your filters, it not only narrows down the number of people ou can see in the community, but it also reduces the number of users who can see you.

You could for instance choose for Portuguese-speaking women from 25 to 30 only to be able to contact you 🙂


What if nobody contacts me?

Then maybe your filters are a bit too restrictive. Try to widen the sample of people who can get in touch with you as much as possible.


Browse the Non-Natives tab

Even if they’re not native in the language you want to learn, some of the people in the Non-Natives could still be very good potential language partners.

Another user with a level 4 to 5 in a language you’re learning might still be able to help you improve!

Likewise, if you’re willing to offer your help in your native language or a another language you speak fluently, aim for users with levels from 0 to 3. You’ll be a great tutor for them!

Over to you

What do you think of our filters? What could be improved in order to make your experience better?

We’d love to hear your insights!


Instantly practice languages with people around the world.

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