Language Exchange: How Does It Work?

What is language exchange?

Language exchange refers to a mutually beneficial way of learning a language. It usually happens between two people, who meet on a regular basis in order to learn each other’s native language.

Let’s say Miranda is Spanish and wants to learn English. Kelly is a perfect language partner for Miranda as she speaks English and would like to improve her Spanish. For example, when they meet, they speak 15min in English, 15min in Spanish, and correct each other’s pronunciation and mistakes.

This is what we call language exchange, or “tandem”.



Why language exchange?

Language exchange perfectly complements your theoretical language classes. “Practice makes perfect”, this is not a secret anymore. If you want to get fluent someday, it’s high time you got language learning out of the classroom and started doing a language exchange!

Learning a language with an actual person is way richer than sticking to your old grammar book, outdated tapes and decontextualized vocabulary lists.

Language exchange is a direct access to language authenticity. Listen to their accent, discover their culture, grab on the subtleties of the language. It is also a very good opportunity to make new friends from different horizons and broaden your mind!

You’ll also get to practice in a more relaxed, pressure-free environment. This will definitely help you overcome the fear of making mistakes — which is absolutely normal when you’re learning a language. What is more, your language partner knows exactly what it is like to be in your shoes, and will most likely be patient, understanding, and helpful 🙂

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Over to You

How has language exchange made a difference l in your language-learning journey?


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