Language Learning 101: A Beginner’s Guide [With Examples]

Hey there, language fan! So, you’ve decided to achieve fluency in a new language, starting from scratch, huh? 

That ‘s awesome! And it’s perfectly possible!

In this article, we’ll walk you through some killer tips and tricks for beginners that will make the process a whole lot more enjoyable and effective. 3-2-1 go!

Starting out is always tough, and diving into learning a new language is no exception: beginners often struggle to figure out which resources to use, run the risk of wasting money, and might feel like throwing in the towel even at the basic level.

A huge number of beginners are going through exactly that right now, and we’ve got the duty to guide them on the right, safe path to fluency. Are you a beginner too? The guide we’ve got below is for you! It’s based on real-life experiences – follow it!

  1. Choose the right language

First things first – pick a language that truly sparks your interest. Are you a fan of K-dramas? Maybe Korean is your calling. Do you dream of sipping espresso in a cozy Italian café? Well then, Italian it is! Passion is your secret sauce – it keeps you motivated when the going gets tough.

We remember Carlos, a chill dude from Mexico with a serious love for the Aussie landscape. He’s all about those vast deserts, unique wildlife, and, of course, the laid-back beach vibes. 

So, when the chance to pick up a new language came knocking, Carlos didn’t hesitate – he dove headfirst into learning Australian English. Well, that was 3 years ago – now, he’s not just saying ‘G’day mate’ for fun: he’s living the language like a true Aussie enthusiast!

Set realistic goals

Don’t go all in at once. Set achievable goals and celebrate small victories. Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint. Instead of aiming to be fluent in a week, focus on daily progress. Say, “Today, I’ll learn five new words.” Celebrate every milestone – you deserve it!

Have we already mentioned the case of Katya? We’re not sure, but anyway,: she is from Ukraine and decided to tackle the challenge of learning Irish. At first, she was all in, dreaming of fluency in just three months. She believed it was possible!

But reality hit hard – Irish isn’t a walk in the park (no language is, by the way). Frustration kicked in, and Katya almost threw in the towel. 

After some months more, she had an ‘aha’ moment. Instead of aiming for fluency overnight, she switched gears.  So, Katya started focusing on daily progress – a few words here, a phrase there. Slowly but surely, patiently, she began to see improvement. It turned out, the key wasn’t speed – it was consistency. 

Now, Katya’s rocking Irish with a smile, mastering an intermediate level in just a year!

Immerse yourself in the culture

Meet Hasan, the cool dude from Bangladesh who’s diving headfirst into the world of Italian, and told us how he intends to be fluent as fast as possible. He’s not just learning the language: he’s straight-up immersing himself in it.

Take note of how he is doing that: Hasan’s got Italian movies on repeat, his playlist is filled with catchy Italian tunes, and he’s even trying to cook up some delicious pasta dishes. He doesn’t even feel he is practicing a new language!

Why the Italian obsession, you ask? Hasan dreams of strolling down the streets of Rome, sipping espresso in a quaint cafe, and chatting away like a true Italian. He finds Italian to be such a charming language!

So, he’s not just learning the words – he’s living them! Hasan’s turning his language lessons into a full-blown Italian adventure, with his feet on Bangladesh!

Learning a language isn’t just about grammar and vocabulary; it’s about culture too. Watch movies, listen to music, and read books in your chosen language. It’s like teleporting yourself to a whole new world. The more you immerse yourself, the more natural the language will become.

Embrace technology

We’re living in the 21st century, baby! Take advantage of language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Memrise. These apps make learning feel like a game, and who doesn’t love a good game? Plus, they’re perfect for squeezing in a quick lesson during your morning coffee or lunch break.

Henrique, a cool dude from Brazil, decided to learn German. He was planning to move to the country, but he had a very low budget for that… So, he remembered using a language app could be a good choice! 

Today he fires up the Duolingo app, and there he is, navigating through the maze of umlauts and consonant combos. At first, he was like, “Whoa, this is a whole new ballgame!” But Henrique is no quitter: he’s got that Brazilian spirit, you know?

The app throws him some curveballs with tricky grammar rules, and he powers through, determined to tame those German grammar dragons.

Sure, he may stumble over some articles and twist his tongue around those über-long words, but Henrique is making strides. 

Make vocabulary flashcards your BFF

You need to meet Emma: this girl from the Netherlands decided to take on the challenge of learning Finnish. She had nothing but her phone and a bunch of flashy flashcards, and that was enough!

Imagine her, sitting in her cozy room, surrounded by tulips and windmills, ready to dive into the mysterious world of Finnish! With her phone in hand, Emma opens the language app and starts flipping through those Finnish flashcards. 

As she tackles the basics, you can almost hear her practicing the elusive Finnish “r” sound and trying to wrap her head around those funky vowel combinations. The flashcards throw some quirky Finnish phrases her way, and Emma’s reaction is priceless: “Wait, did I just say I have a pet reindeer in Finnish? Cool!” 

Days pass, and Emma is proudly dropping some Finnish words into her everyday conversations with Finnish partners on the Speaky app. She’s conquering the flashcards like a pro.

You see?! Flashcards may sound old-school, but trust us: they work like magic. Create flashcards for new words, phrases, and even basic grammar rules. Quiz yourself regularly – it’s like having a mini pop quiz with yourself, but way more fun.

Find a language buddy

Learning is more fun when you have a partner in crime! Find a language buddy, someone who’s fluent in the language you’re learning. You can chat, exchange tips, and even practice speaking together. Apps like Tandem, HelloTalk or Speaky are perfect for connecting with native speakers.

Among our thousands of members we have Klaus, the German middle-aged man, now on a Spanish-speaking adventure with nothing but his phone and the language exchange app. This middle-aged dude is swapping sauerkraut for salsa as he embarks on a linguistic journey, one virtual chat at a time.

Klaus has just his partners (some from Spanish and some from Argentina), and a whole lot of conversation.

His Speaky partners are patient as Klaus fumbles through verb conjugations and pronunciation hurdles. They laugh together, correcting each other with the kindness of newfound language pals.

After a couple of weeks, Klaus was already dropping casual Spanish bombs in everyday life. The Speaky app has been transforming him from an absolute beginner in German language to a bilingual conversationalist.

(And let’s not forget the cultural exchange. Klaus learns about flamenco and siestas, while his Speaky buddy dreams of bratwurst and Oktoberfest). 

Label everything

Turn your living space into a language playground. Label everyday items with their names in your target language. Your fridge becomes “le réfrigérateur,” and your bed is now “la cama.” It might sound silly, but this visual reinforcement does wonders for memory.

So, there’s this cool Japanese girl named Yuki, and she decided one day that she’s gonna dive into learning French because she spotted a job opportunity in that country. She could speak absolutely nothing in French, and it was such a different language from Japanese – my God!

Now, picture her tiny Tokyo apartment – cute, but full of Japanese vibes. First thing she did? Slapped a sticky note on her fridge, proudly proclaiming it as “le frigo.” She’d got that French flair, even for her leftovers!

Next up, her bed became “le lit,” completed with a flourish of a new bedspread to match her newfound French sophistication. You could almost hear her saying, “Oui, this is where the magic of sleep happens.”

Even her bathroom wasn’t spared. Toothpaste? That was then “le dentifrice.” The toilet? Well, that was just “la toilette.” Every morning, Yuki greeted her toothbrush with a cheerful “Bonjour, le dentifrice!”

She’s living her best bilingual life, starting from scratch. 

Learn the 100 most common words

Alright, Pedro, surprised us with his story! He is a laid-back Portuguese dude with a knack for languages. One day, he was like, “You know what? Turkish sounds rad!” So, Pedro embarked on this epic mission to learn Turkish from square one, armed with nothing but the determination of a thousand soccer fans.

First move? He grabbed a list of the 100 most common Turkish words. Since then, Pedro’s new morning routine has involved sipping his espresso while muttering “merhaba” (hello) to his coffee mug (the mug probably thinks it’s in some secret society of caffeinated linguistics).

Pedro strolls down the street, pointing at random stuff – “Ağaç!” he exclaims, high-fiving a tree! Passersby exchange glances, wondering if Pedro’s got a secret pact with nature – but Ağaç is just one of the most common words in Turkish.

Even his morning jog became a Turkish vocabulary sprint. “Koş!” he shouts, motivating himself in his newfound language (pedestrians join in, thinking it’s some new hip workout trend).

Pedro’s friends are a mix of impressed and bewildered. “Why are you calling your car ‘araba’?” they ask. Pedro grins, “It’s a Turkish car now, my friends. Get with the program!”

And so, Pedro has been conquering Turkish one word at a time

Do like him! 

Start with the basics. Mastering the 100 most common words in your chosen language gives you a solid foundation. These words make up a significant portion of everyday communication. Once you’ve got them down, the rest becomes a piece of cake.

Build a routine

Consistency is your secret weapon. Incorporate language learning into your daily routine. Maybe it’s a morning vocabulary session, an afternoon grammar deep dive, or an evening conversation practice. Make it a habit, and it’ll become second nature.

We met Lila some time ago. She’s this awesome Albanian girl, right? And guess what? She’s decided to learn Greek! Why? Well, she’s got this epic trip planned to Greece, and she’s all in for the language adventure. She had one year ahead to be able to communicate in Greek, and read our article about all the virtual stuff she could use. 

What was the “resource” she started with?!

Well, Lila started off being consistent! 

Every day, you’ll catch her with her Greek app, practicing those tricky pronunciations and conquering the alphabet like a boss.

Lila used to watch Greek shows and videos almost every day, as if she were living in Greece, stuck “Post-it” notes with Greek words everywhere – on the mirror, on the fridge, even on the dog’s bowl (poor pet’s so confused!) – like Emma did. 

And that was literally every day

It paid off! Lila can now order a gyro like a pro, ask for directions without getting lost, and chat up the locals with a killer Greek accent. It’s safe to say her Greek game is on fire.

So, moral of the story? If you have a dream of learning a language, but can’t speak a single word in it, just be consistent with practice, whatever resource you use


And there you have it: a beginner’s guide full of real examples to conquering a new language! 

Now, go out there and show that language who’s boss! There are a lot of beginners on the Speaky app right now – where are you!?

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